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Web Design

A Cleverly Unique, Budget Friendly Option For Artists & Small Businesses

Sometimes all it takes to get your feet off the ground with a new venture in art or in business is a professional website.

But hiring a designer can be an expensive and risky feat all on its own. Self designers like Wix and Wordpess offer just enough to get by, sure, but wouldn’t it be nice to welcome fans and customers with something a little more personal?

That’s where I come in. A full functioning, professional and PERSONAL business package! Together we can realize your vision for a desktop/mobile friendly website, business cards, flyers, leaflets, artist media (album covers, book covers, etc.) and so much more, all tailored to your individual vision and at an affordable rate!

That’s my artist to artist, business owner to business owner guarantee.

Because I’ve stood in those shoes and the path to a kickass online presence is one we can walk together!

Example Site 1 Example Site 2 Example Site 3

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